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Welcoming All Artists

From Oil Painters to Pastelists,

Beginners to Professionals,

Hameau Inspires Everyone

Located in the Big Valley of Central Pennsylvania

Register for the 28th Annual May 6-10, 2025 Hameau Artist Retreat

Day options available for all Hameau Artist Retreats


Retreat Prices:

Regular (your first, second, or third Hameau Retreat): $140/day + Meals


Alum (you have attended three or more Hameau Retreats): $100/day + Meals


Professional (no instruction, you're just here to paint): $80/day + Meals


Teen & Adult Scholarship: $80/day + Meals

Contact Susan to apply


All price levels include studio space and access to samples from the Sponsors’ Art Supply Table.

Meal Prices (per day):

Breakfast: $12

Lunch: $14

Dinner: $18

All Three: $37

May  2025 Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat
May  2025 Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat
May 06, 2025, 8:30 AM EDT – May 10, 2025, 9:00 PM EDT


See Susan's suggested supply lists and recommended products here.

New! - Order almost all the art supplies you need for Hameau (and all of Susan's classes and workshops) on Susan's page at



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You can also email or call Susan directly at or 814-360-2116

Hameau Farm artist retreat was exactly what I needed to refresh my practice as a landscape painter. I went to school for painting and, since graduating, have been working as an artist full-time for over a year. In that time, a large source of my income has come from commissioned work. While those pieces provide great practice and have helped tighten my skills, some of the initial passion that drew me to painting had faded a bit as a result of making so much work for other people. Luckily, the retreat at Hameau Farm allowed me to return to what I love most- simply painting the landscape because I'm so enamored with its beauty that I want to try and capture it. The mountains surrounding Belleville are stunningly beautiful (especially in the morning as you can watch the fog "burn off" the hillside in real-time) and the farm provides a panoramic view of it all. Anywhere you turn, painting nearly compose themselves

-Tom Rosenow, 2021

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