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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat?

A: The Retreat is held at Hameau Farm in the Big Valley of Central PA (Bellevile, PA).

Q: What is the Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat?

A: The Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat is a gathering place for artists to share, create, learn, and, most importantly, have fun. From the beginner to the professional, Hameau Plein Air Retreats capture and inspire the creative spirit in a positive and supportive atmosphere. All mediums are welcome.

The unique Hameau Barn Studio and second floor deck has views of pastures and mountain landscapes. Friendly animals and nearby creeks provide unlimited sources for plein air painting, and the great food and camaraderie compel artists to return year after year. This retreat includes plein air painting for all mediums and levels, daily demos in the Hameau Barn Studio, individual instruction, critiques, and personal plans.

Q: Who runs the Retreat?

A: The Hameau Retreat Facilitator and Instructor is Susan Nicholas Gephart. Contact: 814-360-2116 or

Susan's assistant, Anna Crane, helps teach and is in charge of registration. Contact:

Q: Where do Attendees stay during the retreat?

A: Attendees can stay for free in the Hameau Rustic Cabins, or can book rooms in one of the local B&Bs. Book your accommodations separately, asap, as space is limited.

The Hill Store Guest Cottage is reserved for only Hameau Artists at a special rate during the retreat. Fills quickly.

Contact: 717-935-2390

The Brookmere Winery is another B&B option in the area.

Contact: 717-935-2195

Click here to see more options.

Q: What is the Sponsors' Table?

A: Hameau Artist Retreats are unique in that they offer tons of free samples and products in all mediums that attendees can test in the studio and out in the field. Rarely will you have an opportunity like this at any workshop. All attending artists are invited to sample any products displayed on Susan Nicholas Gephart's "Sponsors’" table. Susan has invested time in developing this aspect for the artists of Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreats. These free samples include products from national art supply companies, such as Jack Richeson & Co., Gamblin Artist Colors, Savior Faire, Sennelier, Multimedia Artboard, and Art Cocoon.

Q: Who can attend the Hameau Retreat?

A: Artists of all levels and mediums may attend the Retreat. The following outlines the various attendee statuses:

Regular (Have attended 0-2 Retreats): $140/day + meals

Alum (Have attended 3-4 Retreats): $100/day + meals

Professional (Do not need instruction or demonstrations and intend to create art en plein air. Agree to allow other attending artists to watch while they paint and welcome questions.): $80/day + meals

Teen and Adult Scholarship: $80/day + meals

**Sponsors’ Art Supply Table is available for all attending artists**

Q: How do I register for a retreat?

A: Artists must fill out the registration form and discuss their personal plans with Susan Nicholas Gephart at: 814-360 2116 or

Registration ends two weeks before the retreat start date.

Q: Are there meals?

A: Meals are served on location at the Hameau Kitchen. Individual meal plans are available.

Breakfast 8:30am: $12

Lunch 1:00pm: $14

Dinner 7:00pm: $18

All Three: $37

Q: What is the Payment Policy?

A: For multiple day attendees, personal payment plans can be discussed with Susan Nicholas Gephart. A $100 nonrefundable deposit is due upon registration (this $100 goes towards the final total. It is not an extra cost). Final payment is due the Monday six weeks before the retreat start date. Full payment is due immediately if registering after these final due dates.

For one day attendees, full payment is due upon registration ($100 of the full payment will be considered the $100 nonrefundable deposit).

Q: What is the Cancellation Policy?

A: A refund of all but the $100 nonrefundable deposit will be granted until the Monday six weeks before the retreat start date.

All money can be rolled over to a future Hameau Retreat at any time.


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