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October Turbulent Sky
Monterey Bay California Plein Air
Captivated by Merritt Harbor
April Come She Will, Millbrook Marsh
1st Day Monterey Bay California
A Cow's Good Day
Assateague Stormy Morn
Hameau Winter Artist Get Away
Winters Tranquil Haven
Assateague Umbrella
Sunset with Mosquitoes
Tussey Mountain Snow View
Chincoteague Sunset on the Marsh
Big Sky Demo at Sunset
Turning Point
Watkins Glen
Becky's Sky
Valley Cloud Passages
Before the By-Pass
Snow Shadows and Light
Chincoteague Fir Landing Blues
Big Sky
Big Sky at Hameau Farm
Cape May
Cabin Lane in Snow
Assateague Wet Lands
Changing Skies at Chincoteague
Carmel Beach Waves
Chincoteague Clouds
Kish Creek October Light
Beyond This Moment
Chincoteague Merritt Harbor
Chincoteague Merritt Harbor Sky
Assateague Wetlands
Chincoteague Morning
Assateague Wetlands
Chincoteague Sunset
Chincoteague Wetland Waters
Chincoteague Island Wetland
Clearing Off
Cloud II
Clouds Before the Bypass
Cloudscape Over Mount Nittany
Clouds Over Hameau
Clouds Over Stringer Farm
Clover and Clouds
Daffodil Demo
Dark Reflections
Day on the Susquehanna River
December Snow Pine
Reflections on the Susquehanna
Evening Light
Fall Commission
First Day
First Snow
Fisherman's Paradise Bridge
Fisherman's Paradise Fall Tree
Galreath Gap
Golden Field
Golden Meadow
Gustfront Approaching
Gustfront Approaching
Hameau at the End of Day
Hameau End Of Day
Hameau Farm Sunlight and Shadows
Assateague Tree Shadows
Chincoteague Fir Landing
Hemlocks Entwined
Jack's Mountain View
Julian Plein Air Day
Julian View
Just Past the Old Pine
Kayak Haven on the Lake
Kayak Storm Coming
Kish Creek
Little Cloud Study
Looking for Trouble
Millbrook Marsh Willow
May Rain Clouds
Millbrook Old Oak
Moment at Fisherman's Paradise
Mount Desert Island
Ocean City Beach and Grass
Old Pine
Assateague Beach
October Walk With A Friend
One Days Climb
On The Marsh
Lillies at the Cabin
Summer Pond
Passed the Old Pine on the Right
Point Lobos
Santa Fe Cloudscape
Shingletown Winter Walk
Staying in the Moment
Storm Clouds Over Hameau Farm
Storm Over Chincoteague Bay
Sunset and Clouds at Hameau Farm
Sunset on Zion Corn Fields
Sunset View From Chincoteague Motel
Kayak Haven
Tangled Roots
Tall Sky
Three Ladies
Tranquil Vision III
Winter Light
Wet Land Grasses
Waiting for Trouble
View from Sayers Dam
Winter Interlude Lane
The Trouble with Goats
Light and Shadows at Assateague


Winter Haven
When I Woke
View From Howard Dyke
View From Howard Dyke
Fall Oaks
Clearing Off
Storm Seeker
Snowy Evening Light
Sammy's Day
Shingletown Snow
Vertical Snow
River Wye L Hoffman
Past The Old Pine
Palm Tree
What's for dinner?
Night Storm Passing
Mt. Nittany
Hidden Kittens
Beverly and Lily
Cozy Home
Contented Cats
Cloudscape on Male and Female Torso
Chicken Walk
Trouble With Christmas Lights
Assateague Ponies Evening Stroll
Family Farm
Clara the Sheep
Beverly and Lily: Studio Progress
Becky's Window View
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