Oil Supply List:

Pastel Supply List:

  • Easel for inside and outside

  • Sketchbook, pencil, and eraser

  • Pastels: A variety of soft and hard pastels in many colors

  • Mounting Board: Fome Core, Gator Board, or traditional board

  • Surfaces to pastel paint on

    • I use this, because it can be wet: Multimedia Artboard - White

    • UART- sandpaper, also available on Multimedia Artboard site. I use 600 and 880 grit.

  • Brushes that can handle blending on sandpaper in a range of sizes. (Note: instructor will loan brushes if needed)

  • Watercolors if you own them (instructor will have some to share)

  • Necessities:

    • Masking Tape (not colored)

    • Ruler

General Plein Air Supply List:

  • Hat

  • Water bottles

  • Layered clothing

  • Extra shoes

  • Insect spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Masking tape

  • Paper towels

  • Camera

  • Folding chair

  • Trash bag


Multimedia Artboard: "I’ve been using Multimedia Artboard for over​ ​15 years..the Pastel Artist Panels are my surface of choice and what I recommend to my students. What drew me to it was its capacity to be wet​​ without buckling. This durable light weight archival surface enables me to use expressive brush work in under paintings, and then apply many delicate layers of pastels without filling​ the tooth."

See full review

Art Cocoon: "The Art Cocoon has become essential to my art life. I use it for all mediums and multiple purposes. It is perfect for plein air painting, [and] protects art during transport...home or to my framer."

See full review


We love Multimedia Artboard for pastel painting and more! They've been supporting Susan for years, and we'd like to return the favor by getting artists to support them.


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Jack Richeson Instructor Sets​ 

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Oil, Pastel, and Watercolor 

SNicholas Signature Richeson Sets!


Check out this great easel designed and sold by one of Susan's students!


Peruse the website via this link, but please consider supporting Susan by coming back here and using this link to place your final order.

"After 40 years of outdoor painting, the LederEasel is just what I've been waiting for! It's lightweight, sturdy, and has a classy look! The LederEasel is versatile, making it perfect for artists of multiple mediums, and it packs easily to go from studio to plein air painting. I finally have the perfect easel to recommend to all my artist friends!"

-Susan Nicholas


These companies support all of Susan's classes, workshops, and artist retreats. All artists who attend Susan's events have the unique opportunity to explore expensive, fine artist quality materials for all mediums.


Susan's one-of-a-kind originals are created with the finest and most archival materials available today. Bring fine art into your home with the security of knowing it will last forever and be treasured for generations.

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