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Mentor Day

Mentor Day. Contact Susan to apply.

We welcome mature students of high school or college age for our Mentor Day. Join Hameau Artists of all levels for a relaxing day of painting. Sample products are provided for all students. There is a student discount; For prices, contact Susan Nicholas Gephart. The day runs from 8:30am to 5:00pm, and includes two meals.

Susan encourages our youth to explore art through painting in the environment. She believe this half day makes a difference not only in these teens' lives, but in the attending adults', as well. Bellefonte senior, Brook Nadolsky's, personal testimony is a perfect example:

"Thank you again for the amazing opportunity you provided me with today by

allowing me to join you, and other very talented artists and friends...It truly

was an AMAZING day, spent with such kind, unique individuals in such

a beautiful location. I wouldn't have been able to learn such neat and

interesting things if it weren't for you...[I] know the things learned today will

without a doubt stick with me for a lifetime. I hope others will be as moved by

this experience as I was."

David Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Award students will attend along with adults and mentor students.

Instructor, Susan Nicholas Gephart, will demonstrate painting "Plein Air" and sketching live animals, and will assist in the studio.

David M. Hopkins Annual Memorial Scholarship

The David Hopkins Memorial Scholarship is given each year to one high school senior who joins adults and other mentoring teens to paint at the May Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage artistic relationships in an enriching and safe environment. Professional quality art materials are provided.

David Hopkins was a talented professional landscape painter and loving father. In 2002, he tragically died in a farm tractor accident, leaving behind a teenage daughter.


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