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Audrey Gay Rodgers, the owner of Hameau Farm, and her helpers cook the wonderful, nutritious meals we eat during the Artist Retreat. Gay will take into account any dietary needs you request in her meal preparations. She prides herself in presenting beautiful meals in a beautiful setting. Her goal is to provide sustenance for all the hungry painters and make them happy!

You won't want to miss gathering for the fun and camaraderie around the Hameau Dining Table!

It is important to note that the farm work does not stop while we are there, so Gay must balance her busy days with accommodating us. In respect for her and her business, we ask that you only register for meals you know you will attend. Please only attend the meals you have registered for, and give 12 hours notice if there is a change to your schedule (you're always welcome to join us with a brown bag meal). An accurate meal count will help Gay ensure that there is enough food for everyone, and that no food is wasted.

Please respect our host and take meal registration seriously.

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