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One of the best perks of attending a Hameau Artist Retreat is the access to tons of free art supply samples at the "Sponsors' Table." Susan has worked hard to get national art companies to back all of her workshops. Her sponsors are Gamblin Artist Colors, Jack Richeson, Sennelier, Art Cocoon, and Multimedia Artboard. This unique opportunity for attending Hameau artists enables exploration of expensive fine artist quality materials for all mediums.

In 2007, after publishing her website, Susan was contacted by Jack Richeson & Co. and asked to sample and try their products. They have continued to support her workshops and retreats with brushes, Unison pastels and Richeson pastels, watercolor paints, papers, Grey Matters Paper Palette, and many other items to support teaching. Later that year, Susan was contacted by Gamblin Artist Colors to sample their beautiful oil paints. This led to Gamblin using an oil image of hers on their release advertisements for their new studio tubes of Radiant Colors. Susan was also involved in the testing and development of a new product, FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors. This product has become a favorite for artists painting plein air at Hameau Retreats.

S.Nicholas Signature Richeson Sets

Jack Richeson release three S.Nicholas Signature Sets: The 80 Hand-Rolled Soft Pastel Set, the 20 Hand-Rolled Soft Pastel Set, and the Oil and Acrylic Painting Brush Set.

These sets can be purchased on Judsons Art Outfitters here.

View the Supplies and Products page for more supply lists and other recommended products.

Popular Demos from Previous Retreats

  • Tried and True Plein Air Painting Tips

  • How to Develop Your Personal Color Palette

  • Pastel Painting Experiments

  • Demonstration on Gamblin mediums and oils

  • Demonstration on Jack Richeson pastels, surfaces, oils, and brushes

  • Capture the Skies & More

  • Fear No Art: Artist Survival Strategies

  • Fast Painting: Zeroing in on the Essence of a Painting

  • Simple Sketching Techniques for Speed and Accuracy


These companies support all of Susan's classes, workshops, and artist retreats. All artists who attend Susan's events have the unique opportunity to explore expensive, fine artist quality materials for all mediums.


Susan's one-of-a-kind originals are created with the finest and most archival materials available today. Bring fine art into your home with the security of knowing it will last forever and be treasured for generations.

Susan Nicholas Gephart

S.Nicholas Art Studios


351 E. Bishop St.

Bellefonte, PA 16823


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