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Winter Update

This has been such an exciting fall! My decade-long relationship with #JackRicheson & Co. Inc has led to many opportunities, the latest being the honor of hand-selecting my very own #SNicholas Signature Set of 80 pastels titled 'Earth Water Sky'!  

It's here in time for holiday gift giving!   Available NOW on Amazon

My 2018 teaching adventures begin this January, as I return to share my 40 years of oil and pastel painting knowledge at the Art Alliance of Central PA. 

I can truly say my artist father's joy in travel has rippled into my life, as well. Check out all the fantastic locations in the world where you can find me teaching next year. Don't miss the details below about my collaboration for a painting trip next July to Brittany, France, organized by Cerulean Blue and sponsored by #Sennelier! Join us next summer at #PierreYannGuidetti's house in France for a wonderful Skies and Seas workshop.

Winter is a time to "Nest In" my two beautiful home studios. I am mostly dreaming of painting large oils and pastels. It takes time, but I have so much inspiration from my plein air experiences this year. I can't wait to touch my brush to the canvas, or grab a rich pastel color, and make magic! Keep your eyes open for what happens next in my art story. Follow the progress on Facebook or Instagram.

It is my hope to connect and inspire all those who I cross paths with. If you've ever dreamed of painting, being in nature, and finding peace, I encourage you to reach out, connect with me, and share your vision.


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