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“Discovering Pastels” with Susan Nicholas Gephart

Two-Day Workshop

Friday, February 1 & Saturday, February 2, 2019, 10am-3pm Location: Art Alliance of Central PA Class Fee: $170 for both days or $85 for one day Materials Fee: $15

Join nationally recognized painter, Susan Nicholas Gephart in a one-day pastel workshop to discover the fun and immediate gratification of this color rich medium. The morning session will included a hands-on experiment designed for you to experience how a variety of soft and hard pastels react on different color and texture surfaces. The instructor will provide an inspiring demonstration that will open your eyes to connect all the possibilities. You will learn how to take your sketches and photos to create your new pastel painting in a relaxing atmosphere.

Students must contact Susan before the workshop., 814-360-2116

Supply List

  • Personal Easel or use Easel or table at Art Alliance

  • Pastels: A variety of soft and hard pastels in many colors (Contact instructor for recommendations

  • Mounting Board: Fome Core, Gator Board, or traditional art board (Note: Instructor can loan a requested board)

  • Surfaces to pastel paint on.

  • Multimedia Artboard Pastel Panels – White 500 grit 8x10

  • Canson mi-teintes in a selection of colors. PAD size 9x12.

  • Brushes that can handle blending on sandpaper in a range of sizes. (Note: instructor will loan brushes if needed)

  • Necessities:

  • Masking Tape (not colored)

  • Sketches, photos, or reference images to make a new painting from

  • Sketchbook or drawing paper

  • Pencil, and Kneaded eraser

  • Paper towels

  • Wet Ones wipes

  • Ruler

  • Optional: Rubber gloves or protective gloves in a bottle

Materials Fee Package: $15

  • Pastels will be loaned for trying in class.

  • Surfaces to pastel paint on. Students Keep

  • Multimedia Artboard Pastel Panels – includes one White 500 grit 8x10

  • Canson mi-teintes papers. Includes 3 sheets of different colors


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